Night Camp at lnnovera School for Class 6-10

At Innovera School, the night camp started around 5pm on 23rd October 2019 and ended around 9am on 24th October 2019. A detailed 2-days schedule was well planned to give children a variety of experience along with entertainment. The children learn to develop their emotional, social and life skills. It is a great opportunity for the children to experience to be on their own in a structured, supportive and supervised environment. They learn to value daily chores, respect contribution of each and enjoy.

  • Assembly and Team Games: Team games help us embrace our worries fear, anger and increase creativity forget every problem and adjust to the jolly environment. Bollywood music added an extra element to their enjoyment.
  • Dinner by Children: In groups, children prepare Masala Rice on Chulhas under supervision of teachers. They do everything from setting up chulha, preparing Masala Rice and cleaning their utensils and place. Through this activity, children learnt to work as a team, learnt to share, care and respect for each other. They learnt to cooperate and coordinate with each which is essential for social coexistence. They also learnt that they can have fun while doing a particular work. They understand that cooking done at home by their mothers is not so easy.
  • Movie Time: It’s fun to watch popular Hindi movie on OHP with friends and relax.
  • Early Morning Wet Football Match: Early morning at 5am, the children and elderly members of school woke up on hearing the latest famous song ‘Bala Bala’. Immediately all of us freshened up and had milk and bananas. They assembled on the stage for the first activity of Day 2, children’s all time favourite game ‘Football Match’. It’s a physically demanding game that provides an opportunity for players to improve their speed, strength, eye-hand-leg coordination. It is even the best form of exercise. Each player slipped on the wet ground, their colourful dress turned into brown with mud. Nobody was worried about getting wet or dirty as the team spirit was high. What an energetic start of the day!
  • Sprinklers Rain Dance: The school sprinklers were used to create artificial rain to give the children a real feel of the monsoon! Today, they were given a chance to get wet in the end of monsoon season. Without wasting time, all of them assembled on the playground for getting wet in sprinklers rain. The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they experienced rain. They filled the atmosphere with energy and fun. The purpose of the rain dance or water play was to develop their physical, social and emotional skills.
  • Community Breakfast: After the interesting matches children rested for sometime and joined for a yummy and mouth-watering breakfast, the most famous dish of Maharashtra ‘Misal Pav’. The children of Class 10 served breakfast to all the children and they were in returned served by Class 9 children. After the children, all the elderly members of school were also served breakfast by the students. After eating children picked up their plates, cleaned them and kept in a proper place. This activity inculcates in children the value of community food, learning to do their own work and helping each other. It is said that ‘The family that eats together stays together’. And we all Innoverians would surely like to stay together.
  • Campus Cleaning Time: After breakfast, the children clean up all the areas which were used in these two days. With the same energy and excitement, they completed the most important task of cleaning under the supervision of teachers and Maushis. They cleaned up the school campus – classrooms, corridors and toilets of Building-1. After that, they arranged chairs and tables in the exact way it was in each classroom before the night camp. From this activity, the children developed understanding of cleaning. They realised that it is essential for us to keep the place and things ready for the next use. If you expect to get clean and organised place and stuff in good condition, it becomes our duty to maintain it well. They learnt to respect the work of the support staff in school and parents at home. Also, they realised that they can help their parents in daily choirs at home.
  • Reflection and Handing over: The children share their experiences and left school with their parents.


Innovera 9 Values were reflected in night camp. Overall it gave us very good experience to manage many things at a time and have fun as well. Responsibilities were delegated and managed by each member of the Innovera family. The best part was the co-ordination amongst all and everyone was a helping hand.

Alike every year, the night camp comes with extra loaded excitement. As it’s said change is always good, this year we had planned matches in cloudy early morning weather instead of trekking. It was very well enjoyed by everyone and excellent team spirit was displayed.

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter. And we Innoverians would not find a better shelter than our beloved school campus ‘Innovera School Campus’. It is great pleasure for all the students and members of Innovera Family to spend time in the open air, gazing out at the stars, just taking in every bit of the tranquillity that comes with being close to each other. That’s why we all love our Night Camp which comes just before we depart for Diwali Holidays. It’s like a recreational Diwali celebration for all us. A great time as always… Diwali vacation begins



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