Innovera believes that all children are entitled to the best start in life. We support them in reaching their full potential. We provide environment where children develop important skills like physical, social, and cognitive and language skills. Here children learn by example, experience and exploration.

Pre Nursery
Fun filled theme based learning, activities like paper crumpling and clay modeling to develop fine and gross skills ,drawing and scribbling letters like forms ,phonemic awareness, expressing feelings through toys.

Children are guided to take a step ahead in formation of their base in education with alphabets and numbers by walking on alphabets created in the classroom floors ,drawing alphabets or numbers in air and sand with phonetic sounds, number songs, sorting and playing with shapes TRANSITION ACTIVITIES-To become familiar with surroundings, following directions Pre number concepts, Manipulative corners and puzzles Dramatizations with puppets.

Junior KG
Learning alphabets and formation of 2letter words through phonic sounds, Questioning skills ,forming of routines, through dialogues with peers, compare things, various tools and activities develop math skills with beading, counting Drawing and clay modeling, role play.

Senior KG
Phonetics and blends recognizing patterns, building readiness for language development expanding vocabulary, problem solving skills, Role play, opportunities to experiment and explore through various activities.

Primary School
Innovera provides opportunities for children to extend their learning and help them to explore their interests through Multiple Intelligence activities. We believe in focusing on child’s unique potential, we have an expanded learning environment, as we believe that learning happens when it is connected to the real world we live in.

Secondary School
As Robert A. Heinlein said- Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. Innovera believes in this and therefore directs students towards independent learning and guide them to take more responsibility. Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.

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