Exhibition is a wonderful tool that engages students in learning new facts and inventions with a zeal of interest. Students get a platform to show what they have learned and what they are good at. Innovera School had executed one of their biggest events ‘ACADEMIC EXPO’ on 17th August 2019, Saturday with lot of enthusiasm.

The pre school section exhibited on seed germination and parts of plants, its types, colours and shape.

Primary and secondary classes displayed their talent in various areas like Language, Maths, EVS, Computer and Music.

The students applied their classroom and bookish knowledge and developed taste for learning by doing it.

In Language section the students performed skits in all the three languages, recited poems, prepared vocabulary games like dumb charades, snake and ladder, what’s your name, crossword puzzles, flash cards and so on. Language section also had focused on develop listening skills through audio comprehension activity. Speaking skills were developed through story telling and tongue twisters.

Maths and science working models and projects like culture of different states, life cycles, balanced diet, shapes, formulas, easy ways of calculation, clothes, reflection of light, bottle rocket forestation and deforestation etc. were some of the best projects of Maths and Science exhibition.

Social studies displayed 3D India, Mughal Empire, Ancient Egyptian Civilization, HOST Model, and Indian Judicial System.

The event was a display of students’ hard work and talent that brought a lot of success to the event.

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