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INNOVERA is inspired by “Holistic Approach” and the globally accepted teaching pattern such as “Enquiry Based Learning” technique. Our curriculum helps to stimulate learning and development in children from Pre-Primary to Grade X .

At INNOVERA, we aim at creating a learning environment that leads to the holistic development of our team and the children. We strive to adapt a balanced approach to education by focusing on textbook contents as well as skills essential for living happily. Hence, we want to develop our school culture where we grow as a strong team and build strong partnership with our school parents.

In the process of providing the best education to our children and impact their lifestyles as well as life choices, we started formalising our school culture, values and behaviour. Green vicinity and freedom to act responsibly help us to be our best and find a pathway to make children learn with interest and enjoyment. Our leaders inspire us to find creative way to grab attention and develop interest that goes smoothly with the motto of INNOVERA – ‘Inspire to Innovate’.

We draw inspiration from wherever possible but attempt to stay as original as possible in setting our standards in par with excellence and the global trends in the school education. We strive to breed positive attitude, team spirit and habit of no comparison from the preschool itself. We believe that when we don’t compare ourselves with others, we relax and enjoy each task on hand instead of cracking, breaking or failing under pressure. Therefore, we put in all efforts to create a learning environment where happiness and lightness is in air! We want the children to express themselves and develop right set of attitudes, talents and skills.

We aim to be successful and happy from the line we draw for ourselves, work and school. ‘Drawing line bigger’ simply means  a person to understand self, refine choices and uplift self and others from the present condition of mindset, attitude, action or behaviour. We believe that when one stops competing with others, s/he starts focusing on self and utilizes all energies in the right way. Thus, we advocate that learn more, think more, and implement more to excel automatically.

We wish to inculcate values in our children, therefore, we have identified what we value the most and what makes us feel good. Our 9 values help us to make choices in all kind of situations and come out of dilemma. They give us direction for interacting and building relationships in our school community. They give us clarity of what we are and what we want in future. They help us in shaping our relationships, environment and even make choices. Consequently, we express ourselves in a specific fashion (beliefs and approaches) to achieve excellence, satisfaction and happiness.

Values of Innovera


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Our Programs

Pre-Primary Wing

Innovera believes that all children are entitled to the best start in life. We support them in reaching their full potential.

Primary School

Fun filled theme based learning, activities like paper crumpling and clay modeling to develop fine and gross skills.

Secondary School

As Robert A. Heinlein said- Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy. Innovera believes in this.

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